Nibal Jarrar

Nibal Jarrar

دبي . منذ يوليو 2010
I am one of the people who love the why of things. i work @ Jeeran
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  • Review by Nibal of لت و عجن
    قبل 9 سنوات
    This small shop in Madina Monawara St. serves the best Lebanese pastries ever. The place is owned by a very picky Lebanese guy, who buys everything himself, he gets the best and freshest ingredients ever.
    i ordered the Sarookh Lat wo Ajen, which basically is fresh baked Salami,Turkey,cheese, lettuce tomato and pickles wrap. it was really tasty and yummy, totally recommended :) prices are really good, one wrap costs around 2.25JDs. The place opens daily from 8:00Am to 10:pm and Friday is a half working day so they close at 2:00pm
  • Review by Nibal of كلاج عمر
    قبل 9 سنوات
    one of the oldest Kolaj places in Amman, these guys have been in the Kolaj business for so long, that they become the best. you can buy Kolaj or even buy the Kolaj Dough so you bake your own Kolaj at home. They sell Kolaj with Cheese,Almond and Juglandaceae. i can't remember how much we usually pay, but i can tell you one thing its reasonably priced. In my opinion this is the best Kolaj Shop in all jordan.
    Finding a near parking spot can be a little bit hard.
  • Review by Nibal of سفرة
    قبل 9 سنوات
    Yesterday i went there for dinner with my family, i called them to reserve a table, the guy on the phone was really polite and friendly, so kudos for hiring someone polite to answer phone calls :)
    The place is really amazing, its a traditional Jordanian restaurant with a traditional Jordanian ambiance, i loved their furniture, its full of Jordanian history and antiques, the chairs,tables and even the marble tiles they used. very Jordanian, i loved it. The service is good,just good, actually the service is the only reason why i gave this place 4stars, i guess they can improve it. Now the food; definitely they serve the best Jordanian dishes ever, they have a daily Jordanian dish everyday, and a regular menu with different Jordanian food, Hot Mezza, cold Mezza, BBQ, Fukhara, Fetta. we ordered appetizers and for main course we ordered mixed BBQs and Fukharet chicken with cilantro, my favorite thing was eggplant fatteh, it was the something magnificent, i totally recommend it to everyone. they serve soda in the old glass soda bottles, i think its a cool traditional touch. prices are reasonable, the range per person is around 20-25JDs they have an outdoor terrace for summer, i cant wait for summer to come to go enjoy a nice meal outside with a great view of downtown and old city of amman. the only downside is that the place doesn't have a smoking free area, so you may be a little bit annoyed by the guy having Shisha or cigarettes on the next table. will be going back defiantly
  • Review by Nibal of امجد العطاري لصيانة السيارات
    قبل 9 سنوات
    This guy "Amjad" is one of the best sound system experts in Amman, i went there to consult him about the sound in my BMW, he told me that you need to replace the existing speakers with a new set of speakers in order to repair the bad "Hssss" noise coming out of them, and the new speakers have to be a genuine BMW speakers because the only genuine BMW speakers will be compatible with the radio/CD player in my car.i got the new set of speakers from a used BMW parts store,and now i have the best sound performance in my car.
    Also Amjad do oil change and AC gas refill, light bulbs replacement, everything a normal car maintenance do, he sells genuine Bosch windshield wiper blades. Hes reasonably priced and i'd recommend him for any small electrical related issues. tip: Always ask for the owner "Amjad" to diagnose your car.
  • Review by Nibal of شركة الاساسية لصيانة السيارات
    قبل 9 سنوات
    This is a hidden gem in Amman,if you own a Volkswagen VW ،Audi ، Porche or even a Skoda. then this is the place you need to go to when your car service is due. they do the best service for the above car types in Jordan, The owner is an engineer and he used to live in the states, hes a very kind and profissional person.
    we used to own a VW Golf 2004, we used to go their for any problem we face, hes a good mechanic and electronic. they preform full service and maintinance. The place has a waiting room where you can wait for your car to be serviced and enjoy a cup of coffe and a magazine :) the only downside of this place, is its a little bit pricy, but i think their high prices are justified cosidering they are the best in Jordan.
  • Review by Nibal of فاست لدهان وتجليس السيارات
    قبل 9 سنوات
    محل متخصص بدهان و اصلاح السيارات. الكراج كبير كتير يعني بأعتقادي بوسع اكتر من 50 سيارة. انا صلحت سيارتي عندو قبل سنتين و كل اقاربي بتعاملو مع لأانو بأعتقادي من افضل الكراجات المعتمدة لدى شركات التأمين. لكن الصراحة شغلهم بختلف حسب شركتك التأمين و حسب علاقتك مع التأمين, يعني شركة التأمين بتحكي للكراج صلحوا هاي السيارة ب 100دينار او اذا علاقتك منيحه معاهم بحكو للكراج ايصلح ب200دينار, يعني اكيد شغل ال100 مش زي شغل ال200.
    الموظفين بحكولك اللي بدك تسمعوا لكن بشتغلو على كيفهم. انا شخصيا ما راح ارجع عندهم لأنهم بشتغلو شغل سيىء عند التعامل مع التأمين. بس الصراحة اذا بدك تدفع من جيبتك ومو على التأمين فشغلهم بكون ممتاز لكن اسعارهم بتكون خيالية يعني 3 اضعاف سعر السوق
  • Review by Nibal of محل حصوة والعبادي
    قبل 9 سنوات
    one of the best BMW mechanics in Amman, these guys know what are they doing. i've been repairing my car here for more than a year.
    the first time i've used their services when the breaks light came on my dashboard, i went to the shop and they told me that i need to replace the break pads and the breaking sensors, so he got me genuine BMW parts and replaced my break pads. the next time i visited this shop was because i had a problem with the water cycle system, when i walked into the shop, the owner managed to diagnose the problem only by hearing the sound of my engine, he told me that i need to replace my engine gasket and the engine water pump, and now my car works like a charm. Great shop for BMW owners, they always give me good advice about everything regarding my BMW. they are reasonably priced, much much more cheaper than Biyader Wadi el Sier Also this place do Range Rover Maintenance. When you go there ask for Hassan he is the owner.
  • Review by Nibal of كهرباء عماد للسيارات
    قبل 9 سنوات
    In my opinion this is the best car electronics shop in Jordan, they are specilized in German and euorpian cars.
    To begin the place is super huge, they can serve up to 15 cars simultaneously, they can perform full car check and give a full report of your car occupation. As a BMW owner i usually go to fix my car their, i have fixed so many things, Air filters, Water reserves, belts, air conditioning and the list go on, once i got this error on my dashboard that my airbag is not working, so i went to the BMW dealer ship to fix it, it thought they just have to connect the car to the computer and reset the error,but at the dealer ship they told me that i have to replace something "air bag map" and it would cost around 120JD !!! so i went to Emad Abu Al Roz Garage and they told me that they have some sort of modification that will fix the problem for 25JDs. What i like the most about these guys, is that they put the fear of god before their eyes. I highly recommend this place for Mercedes,BMW,GMC, Chevrolet,Jaguar owners. Great price and great service. when you go there ask for someone called "Shiekh Ali"
  • Review by Nibal of وينجرز
    قبل 9 سنوات
    Last week i went to try this place after reading people reviews on Jeeran. i was a little confused and didnt know what to order, so the place owner was kind enough to recommend something, he asked me how hungry am i!! and as usual am always hungry :) . he recommend the calssic or Mashroum burger with 6 sweet BBQ wings. i choose the Mashroom burger and 6 sweet BBQ wings.
    he told me to have a seat and he wiill bring the order to my table, in less than 10 mins we got our food :) . the burger is freshly made, loved how fresh the bread was, but i dont think its the best mashroum burger in Amman. But when i tried their wings, Oh my god, defienlty one of the best wings places in Amman. they serve the wings with plastic gloves so you dont get the sauce on your hand. i paid around 8.5JD for a mashroum burger french frise 6 peices of sweet BBQ wings and a coke. there is no bathroom in this place, but they have a hand sanitizer on each table. all in all the palce is good but i think its a little bit over priced.
  • Review by Nibal of كافالي كلب
    قبل 9 سنوات
    I went with a couple of my friends last month on a Thursday night, we had the Fairmont platinum member card so we managed to get our names on the guest list :) . I loved the place decor and ambiance, we went their for drinks and to hangout. great music and great crowed. what i didnt like about the place is a large portion of the crowed is Russian which is really weird !!!
    There is a Cavalli store downstairs, which sells watches Jewellery. All in all great place to hangout or enjoy a fine dinner or even just for drinks.
  • Review by Nibal of وزاب دوغ
    قبل 9 سنوات
    If you would like to try a tasty Hot dog experience, then you have to try this small place in Rainbow St. i went there yesterday with a couple of friends , we didn't face any trouble finding the place، its exactly in the first right turn just before Gerard icecream . you'll not find an easy parking spot so you have to drive a little bit or go through the alleys to find a good parking spot.
    As for me i ordered 2 Hot dogs and a diet coke, they will ask you for your name and call you when your order is ready, it will take around 15-20 mins depending on how crowded the place is, i think this is the only downside of my experience, i had to wait for 15 mins to eat my Hot dog whats fast about that !!!!!! But as soon as you have your first bite, the wonderful taste will compensate for 15 mins waiting time. it was definitely one of the best hot dogs i ever had in Jordan, the toppings are rich: jalapenos, Mustered,Ketchup, and cheese. To sum up it was a great experience but i think they should do something about their service, they have to be a little more faster and a little more cheaper. each Hot dog cost 1.85JD which i think comparing the size of the hotdog is a little bit expensive
  • Review by Nibal of واغاماما
    قبل 9 سنوات
    i loved how we shared the table with another couple, i loved the setting and the decor.
    As you enter the place your mouth will start to water from the great smell of freshly cooked noodles. I went there with a friend last Wednesday for an early dinner, the place was almost full and although we didn't made any prior reservation the waitress managed to find us a good table. The place have large tables that everyone shares, so we shared our table with a lovely couple. we ordered ebi katsu and it was the best prawns i ever had in my life,it was served with a chili sauce, and for the main course we ordered The Yaki soba which is noodles with chicken and shrimps, very delicious. also we ordered the Chicken Katsu curry served with Japanese rice. not too hot not too sweet just the kind of curry i like. we paid around 120AED which i consider a fair price for all the food we ordered. it was a wonderful experience, i loved the food the service and the place whole experience. note:The place serve a wide selection of fine wine
  • Review by Nibal of ذي ميت كمباني
    قبل 9 سنوات
    Great Food Super great service and wonderful ambiance.
    I went with my brother yesterday and we had the perfect meal ever, the place is called The Meat co. and here you can find all types of meat and steaks: American Angus, Australian Angus and New zealand Beef. when you walk into this place the wonderful experience will start, a smiling waiter will guide you to your table and give you the beverages menu and then they will serve you a complementary fresh baked bread with butter. then they will give you the food menu and take your order. My brother ordered USA black Angus fed for 160Dyas on Grain Steak with side mushrooms and mash potato . I ordered the London Batter Fish which is Fried Hamour Fish with a buttery sauce with side steamed vegetables and french fries. we loved the food and the service, when we ordered the waiter explained how they have well done steak and medium done so we can make the right choice from the beginning. obviously the waiters are trained very well. i loved the table settings and the place lighting very modern, and great location if you want to spend the evening in Souq Madina Jumeirah. Great food but its expensive we paid 400AED for this meal, but totally worth the money
  • Review by Nibal of جوني روكتس
    قبل 9 سنوات
    5 out of 5. this place deserves to get a 5stars rating, it serves the best burger ever. i usually order the following : 1 Smoke house burger which is 1/3pound burger served with lots of cheddar cheese and beacon and with johnny rockets secret barbecue and ranch sauce. this is the ultimate burger.
    1 half and half french fries and onion rings with their famous vanilla milkshake. i love this branch, it has the perfect view while having your meal, you can enjoy looking at boats at the marina and have a great meal. you will pay around 80AED for the same order. but a regular meal shouldnt cost more than 65AED (Burger fries and Soda). The place is super clean and the service is great, the waiters are always there and they are always smiling and helping other customers. They also do home delivery and they charge 10AED for the delivery.
  • Review by Nibal of سينت ماكسيمس
    قبل 9 سنوات
    I went there last Saturday and we were around 20 people. when we first walked into the restaurant we were welcomed with a very big smile from the staff and were guided to our table that we had already booked. it was a great setting right in the middle of the restaurant. as we sat down the waiter approached us and asked for our drinks. i only had water, but some of friends had cocktails and it looked nice :)
    After a while, the waiter came and asked us if she should take our orders, so i told her we need more 10 mins so she smiled and told me to she will get back to me in 10 mins. They have a special offer that you can choose one starter and one main course for 110AED++, which is in my opinion a great deal. Fine Dining for only 110AED++ I had soup of the day for a starter and it was some sort of vegi soup and it wasn't that great, they served it super hot, you need to blow on it several times before you can put it near your mouth, then for the main course i had steak on the hot stone. Steak on the hot stone: they serve you raw steak and a super hot stone and you have to cook for your self, i loved the experience but didn't love my food, if you don't know how to cook then one of the waiters will come and teach you or even cook for you. The portion if the steak is a little bit big i couldn't finish my steak, so i think you can share 1 steak with someone and both of you will have a great meal, the steak is served with baked potato that i didn't like. I think the restaurant ambiance and service were great but the food not too much. the place is not usually crowded, i went there on a Saturday and it was almost empty so i don't think prior reservation is a must. This place is located on the 1st floor of MOE, the shortest way to get there is by getting from the hotel entrance and going one level up.
  • Review by Nibal of الدكتور حسام شعبان
    قبل 9 سنوات
    كنت اروح اراجع الدكتور حسام شعبان للاستفسار عن حالتي الصحية بعد أجرائي لعملية ليزر لأزالة كيس دهني في ضهري في احدى مستشفيات دبي.
    الدكتور شاطر كتير .. ومتفهم لابعد الحدود .. يعني كتير شرحتله عن حالتي الصحية مع الدكتور اللي قبل وكان يسمعني للاخر لانه هدفه يعالجني منيح. اسعار الدكتور مرتفعة بس مقارنة بالخدمة والعلاج والشفاء باذن الله مناسبة جدا قياسا بجودة الخدمات والمشورة الطبية التي يقدمها للمرضى. بتعامل مع شركات تأمين كتيرة، وللأسف مش حافظ شي منها هلأ بس بامكانكم تسألوه، انا شخصيا كنت مأمن مع البنك العربي. لازم اللي بده يروح عنده يحجز مواعيد مسبقة، وعنده شي ملفت جدا انه الممرضات والسكرتيرة كتير نظاف وبهتموا بسلامة المريض جدا. بعد المراجعة كان يعطيني النصائح المفيدة لي ولصحتي .. وشخصيا كتير مرتاح معه رغم اني كنت من قبله عند دكتور تاني، بس الحلو جدا في الدكتور شعبان انه بتفهم سيرتك المرضية من الالف للياء.
  • Review by Nibal of مطعم المرجان
    قبل 9 سنوات
    من أفضل المطاعم التي تقدم المأكولات البحريه. طبقي المفضل هو الهامور المشوي يقدم مع صوص رائع .
    الخدمه ممتازه و الموظفين دائماً مبتسمين و سريعين في تقديم الخدمه. مستوى عالي من النظافه. جو عائلي مريح . أسعار معتدله مقارنه بجودة الطعام و الخدمه.
  • Review by Nibal of فلامنجو
    قبل 9 سنوات
    الخدمه ممتازه
    شندوشات طيبه الاسعار ممتازه نظافه تمام لا يقدم مشروبات انصح الاخرين بتجربه
  • Review by Nibal of كرمز
    قبل 10 سنوات
    كل سنه باخد امي و بعزمها عليه بعيد الأم و ببقدملها ال هديه هناك ، و ديماً بكونو عمليين اشي سبيشيل يوم عيد الأم. الخدمه أكتر من رائعة.
    بالصبح المكان للفطور، أما بالليل بصير رائع لأعدت الصحاب . بحب بس أروح بالليل اطلب ال-banana split . كل اشي عندو زاكي . بس ديماً و خصوصاً بالويكند بكون ازمه. فصورة أروح على فرع دابوق لأنو أخف ازمه من فرع عبدون .
  • Review by Nibal of كاسبر آند جامبينز
    قبل 10 سنوات
    رحت الأسبوع الماضي عليه، كان عددنا تلاته و طلبنا الاصناف التاليه : chicken on a brick ، potato leek soup، spinach salad ، fettuccine،
    بالاضافه لمشروبات و مياه. جودة الطعام كانت ممتازه و الخدمه كمان، لكن المحل كان ازمه كتير و الطاولات كانت قريبه جداً من بعد . أنا بفضل ازور هاد المحل بللصيف عشان الأعده الخارجيه عندو أحسن من الداخليه . بالنسبه للسعر كان جداً معقول الفاتورة طلعت 69 دينار يعني معقوله بالنسبه لل خدمه و الجوده . لكن المشكله الواحده إن كان كتير ازمه مع العلم إنو رحنا بمنتصف الأسبوع مش على ال-weekend
  • Review by Nibal of شوكونت لاونج
    قبل 10 سنوات
    الخدمه ممتازه جداً، نضافة و ترتيب المحل بعطيها 5 من 5
    بنصح الجميع بتجربة اللزي كيك عندو بالاضافه لتجربة الهوت تشكلت . في فرع تاني عندو بدابوق، أنا بفضل أروح دائماً على فرع دابوق لأنو أكبر و عندو مينو أكبر بالاضافه لتقديم الأراجيل بفرع دابوق. بالنسبه لاسعارو فهيه مرتفعة شوي، لكن أنا بعتقد إنو المحل مرتب كتير و بستاهل . بالمناسبه المحل اسمو تشوكو نت
  • Review by Nibal of برية الأردن
    قبل 10 سنوات
    من اروق الأماكن بعمان، بفضل أروح هناك بالليل خصوصاً بالصيف، الأعده جداً مريحة و الخدمه ممتازه، عندهم تشكيله كبيره من الكوكتيلات الرائعة بنصح بتجربة ال-strawberry and lemon كوكتيل، الفيو هناك على البالكوني مطل لوسط البلد رائع جداً.
    عندهم خدمة الاصطفاف و برضو بخصو من فاتورتك جزء بكون تبرع لمركز الحسين للسرطان . مكان ممتاز من جميع النواحي ، بنصح الجميع إيجربو
  • Review by Nibal of تشيلي وايز
    قبل 10 سنوات
    جداً زاكي، دائماً بروح عليه و بحب اطلب عندو الشيكن فيله. بحب أروح على فرع البحر الميت .
    السلاد بر عندو كتير زكي و فريش. أسعار معتدله و مو غالي . بعدين مستوى النضافه عندو جداً عالي .
  • Review by Nibal of هاشم
    قبل 10 سنوات
    أحسن مطعم شعبي للحمص و الفول و الفلافل.
    دائماً بحب أروح بالليل أتعشى عندو . الخدمه 5 من 5 او جداً سريعين أول ما تطلب بنزلك الطلب النضافه 3 من 5 السعر ما في أحسن من هيك 5 من 5
  • Review by Nibal of ساندويشه
    قبل 10 سنوات
    مطعم زاكي كتير، خصوصاً ساندويشات الستيك عندو.
    نضيف كتير و الأكل زاكي او سعر معقول كتير .

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