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بافلو وينغز آند رنغز
بافلو وينغز آند رنغز

بافلو وينغز آند رنغز

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عمان - خارج عمان - البحر الميت

منطقة الفنادق - بجانب مركز الملك الحسين بن طلال للمؤتمرات
احصل على التوجيهات
12:00 ص - 12:00 ص
12:00 ص - 12:00 ص
12:00 ص - 12:00 ص
12:00 ص - 12:00 ص
12:00 ص - 12:00 ص
12:00 ص - 12:00 ص
12:00 ص - 12:00 ص
  • فاليه - خدمة اصطفاف
طريقة الدفع
  • نقدا
  • فيزا
  • ماستر كارد
  • يقدم الكحول
مزايا عامة
  • خدمة ما بعد منتصف الليل
  • مقاعد للأطفال
خدمة الانترنت
  • انترنت لاسلكي مجاني
الوجبات المقدمة
  • غداء
  • عشاء
  • موسيقى هادئة
  • جوكبكس
الحجز / موعد
  • بدون حجز / موعد مسبق
الجلسات المتوفرة
  • جلسات خارجية
  • جلسات داخلية
  • كراسي مرتفعة
  • طاولات
  • نادل
  • طلب خارجي
  • منطقة تدخين
  • منطقة خالية من التدخين

مراجعات (6)

  • Review بافلو وينغز آند رنغز by Rania
    37 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    I had a problem with them and I posted a bad review about 5 months ago. they wrote that they are sorry and they wanted me to contact them to solve the issue. of course nobody called me or followed up. shame on you buffalo wings and rings. it's a Shame how customer service in this county can be bad even in big names.
  • Review بافلو وينغز آند رنغز by Rania
    37 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    I had the worst experience there, I called the manager and made a reservation for 25 people and asked for a discount, they said they'll give me a discount but refused to tell me how much. I usually get 10% discount for my orders in Abdoun branch so I assumed I'll get at least the same since I'm bringing 25 people with me, and I told my group that we'll have a discount there. when we got there, there was no table ready for us though I called them an hour before we got there. one of the guys with me had a tax exempt card, so I told the manager we want to use it, he said no problem. our bill was over 400 jd. they gave me back 20 jd as tax return and 10 jd for a discount! you do the math! the tax alone should have been more than 50 jd... where did the money go? I will never go back there! they are not professional, and they embarrassed me in front of the group.
  • Review بافلو وينغز آند رنغز by Yazan
    1 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    Good experience Nice atmosphere and delicious food
  • Review بافلو وينغز آند رنغز by Alaa
    22 من المراجعات |  قبل 6 سنوات
    As usual we had good time there but during the weekdays they have to have special offers to get more possible people specially after 5 pm place is good
  • Review بافلو وينغز آند رنغز by Aiman
    4 من المراجعات |  قبل 6 سنوات
    In short, unprofessional staff, they opened late, they didn't let us set were we wanted, that part was close for "cleaning" which wasn't true, very slow service and tips are obligatory... They take it without telling you so you better Count the change
  • Review بافلو وينغز آند رنغز by Hana
    14 من المراجعات |  قبل 6 سنوات
    Their wings were very oily and it did not seem fresh. I prefer their First Circle branch in Amman.