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From where should i start, oh my it was one of the best meals ever, first the restaurant is not that big, located inside the four season hotel. Everything inside is extremely neat and set perfectly. The waiters are friendly nice and professional. The chef came to our table and introduced himself, chef Luca all the way from Italy, he told us some of the pasta are made in his kitchen and i think that’s a great thing. Let’s start with the Entree risotto with cheese for me one wasn’t enough i needed more, so tasty and well cooked, appetizers we had different kinds of pasta, salad and calamari, me personally didn’t like the homemade pasta with duck, and the shrimp salad contained only two pieces of shrimp, but i can’t complain about the taste or the presentation, i enjoyed the main course i ordered the fish and on the side i got veggies mixed with fruits which tasted really good, the fun part started when the waiter gave me the dessert menu two pages with lots of choices i couldn’t decide or think at that point, so i picked 4 out of alot. My favorite one was vanilla ice cream with cranberry i could eat 10 of them, so yummy and good, By that time the chef came out again to see if we enjoyed our meal, so we asked him to join and he talked about food, dessert and he shared with us some funny stories which made our evening more interesting, would i go there again yes, occasionally because it is expensive.

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