Neutella crepe 8/10
Curva Creppe, the best mouth watering creppe in town, half white chiocolate with half black chocolate, Bananas, Strawberries, cream
outside photoshoot
Small shop yet comfy
Nutella strawberry
T&B fondue ... 8/10
Strawberry Mixed chocolate Waffle 9/10
تريتس اند بينز
تريتس اند بينز
Review تريتس اند بينز by Safa
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I visited Khalda branch yesterday, it was really amazing!! usually I don't like waffle but I decided to try it,and I was glad I is the best Waffle I have ever tried!! They made a mistake with my order and brought me creps instead of waffles, and when I told them, they insisted that I take the creps with me!! I thought it is a kind gestures. service is excellent, ppl are so friendly

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