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Taj Life Style New Year
Taj Life Style New Year
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Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations
مركز تاج لايف ستايل
مركز تاج لايف ستايل
Review مركز تاج لايف ستايل by هبة
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well so far the mall is not fully opened but what i can say about its interrior design IS VERY WRONG got totally lost when i went back to one of the shops i visited and no map for the shops of the things i noticed is that when you come up from the parking on the escalators warning warning if your height is more than 160 cm you'll get ur head on the ceiling, i went up to the food court and as it seems its going to be very crowded very soon with no enough ventilation, they should've opened the mall before completion and more organization, one more thing if your car is GMC or some 4 wheels 4*4 cars the path down to the parkings is not wide enough for it let the فلت handle it

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