The soup was good
The buffet not good actually
The Salads , i tried only the vegtables , i didn't try the salads
Lemon and mint .. as i said half of it water but it was fine .. better than most of the juices in cafes
The baked potato was not baked, the steak didn't look good but it tasted good, but not the best steak I had much better steaks n Amman
ديكور المطعم بس حلو
السلطات يللي للاسف ماكنت ابدا زاكية
مقبلات للاسف ما الها علاقة الا الفاصوليا الحمرا
الحلويات يللي عندو (المنظر زاكي بس الطعم غير )
ترتيب الطاولة كتير رائع والكراسي مريحة جدا
بندروزا ستيك هاوس
بندروزا ستيك هاوس
Review بندروزا ستيك هاوس by Reem
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I joined the Jeeran team in trying out this restaurant a couple of days ago, the company was lovely, which is more than I can say about the food. The overall decor of the restaurant was nice and very clean, but I did not like the choice of music, and the lighting was a bit too dim. I ordered a lemonade, there is no way on earth that that was made from lemons! it was very artificial flavored and fizzy! The buffet items were not labeled so it was difficult to choose things. i only like 2 main things from the buffet, the Fattoush salad, and this chicken in cream dish (it was delicious). The Ribeye pepper steak was the best part. It was extremely tender, and well seasoned, I enjoyed it very much. I took alot at the menu, the items are pricey for sure, but it is a steak house in the end :)

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