This is a variety of sweets that I got my mom for Mother's Day, the cake is from Halas Treats, Oreo Balls are from Halas Treats as well, and cupcakes are from Sugar Daddy's, these sweets complimented my Mother's Day party very well, they are totally recommended!
Was hard not taking a photo of this beauty! Happy Mothers Day!
The place from the inside
The place from the inside
Delicious assortment of mini cheesecakes! :)
هالا تريتس
هالا تريتس
Review هالا تريتس by Aseel
201 من المراجعات |  قبل 3 سنوات
Very delicious cake and cookies Very nice and cozy place, reminds me with european style

عمان - عبدون

شمال عبدون - شارع حسن البرقاوي - بناية رقم ٢٤ - بجانب سوبرماركت ميرا
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مراجعات (13)

  • Review هالا تريتس by Ekhlas
    1 من المراجعات |  قبل 10 أشهر
    We bought a cake yesterday for my daughter’s birthday It was thy worst cake I’ve ever tasted. I was disappointed because I heard a lot about how good this place it I will never order again
  • Review هالا تريتس by Yasmeen
    9 من المراجعات |  قبل سنتين
    The salted caramel chocolate cake is heavenly Honesty the best cakes in town
  • Review هالا تريتس by Aseel
    201 من المراجعات |  قبل 3 سنوات
    Very delicious cake and cookies Very nice and cozy place, reminds me with european style
  • Review هالا تريتس by Amani
    14 من المراجعات |  قبل 3 سنوات
    As a person who lived most of her life in America, Hala's Treats wins when it comes to western baked goods by far! I probably go there more than I should too be fully honest. Their cheesecakes are delicious, my go to usually. I also recommend their salted caramel chocolate cake! Although the place is a little pricier than other bakeries such as Sugar Daddy's or Rawan Cake, it is worth it ! Their staff are super friendly, the shop is always clean, decorated beautifully and the staff always make sure to wear gloves when deals with the baked goods. Nothing bad to say about Hala's Treats!
  • Review هالا تريتس by Reem
    1 من المراجعات |  قبل 3 سنوات
    Perfection on every level. If you love food and wonderful hospitality, this is the place to be. Very solid recommendation!
  • Review هالا تريتس by Ohoud
    6 من المراجعات |  قبل 4 سنوات
    As an architect, I was mesmerized by the interior pictures that had been posted about Hala's treats. Moreover, I was taken in by the mouthwatering pictures of its food! Hence, a couple of friends and myself decided to visit it full of excitement . However, I was let down by multiple things. First, the staff are not welcoming at all and are extremely, extremely rigid. One nearly feels embarrassed to ask about things! Second, there were a lot of cakes which made us extremely excited! however, the moment we wanted to order we were surprised that 90% of them are not to be cut because the policy is that the cakes remain intact for any customer who wished to buy it as a whole. This left us with three cake slices to choose from. Total let down! Thirdly, at 1:00 there were only three types of sandwiches to choose from. When I asked about the other options written down, he said they were sold out. So was the case with the Mushroom tarts. I understand that this would happen at 4:00 or even 3:00 but at 1:00? I mean the day has just started. After showing my discontent, the chap told me that he could ask for it to be made. We had three salads, 5 sandwiches, coffees ,one pecan tart piece and mini cheesecakes and the bill went up to 105 JD's. which I do think is overpriced. To be honest though, the pecan tart was out of this world, so was the lettuce, goat cheese and date salad. Delicious! However, the cheese cake base was extremely soggy, the sandwiches had stale bread . As a coffee connoisseur, I would rate its coffee as nearly ok. The beans didn't taste fresh nor aromatic. I don't think they are pure Arabica beans, maybe mixed with Robusta. The interior is the winner nonetheless, really beautiful. However concerning expected food level and service, purely a let down!
  • Review هالا تريتس by lady
    25 من المراجعات |  قبل 4 سنوات
    super yummy everything totally out of this world the decor is cosy, clean and stunning hala is a great person and finally the و اشطر حدا بعمل اشياء زاكيةلاسعار شوي غالية بس بيستحق ا
  • Review هالا تريتس by TamaraDajani
    1 من المراجعات |  قبل 4 سنوات
    Finally a place in amman that is AMAZING!! Best food ever!! Yummy cakes and sweets!! My favourite place for lunch!! Great sandwiches and most creative salads ever!! Decor is out of this world!! Great customer service and best hostess in town!!! Highly recommended!!
  • Review هالا تريتس by Dima
    3 من المراجعات |  قبل 4 سنوات
    The place is unique and classy, there is no doubt about it and the menu is also tasty and very pricey. It's not for everyone for sure and it's shameful that every time something opens they set the bar for their type of customers like this. They use fine ingredients and expensive products but I'm sure with a bit of effort they can do tasty stuff for average people as well. Also had very bad customer service experience over the phone and for custom made birthday cakes I feel like they are not quite there yet! The owner will try to make something she likes or not but not what u like! So again, a bakery is a bakery at the end of the day and it should be for everyone and be open to clients requests! That's just my personal opinion.
  • Review هالا تريتس by Alaa
    1 من المراجعات |  قبل 4 سنوات
    I like the food and the decor, but everything is way overpriced. I have many friends who have been there once or twice, and decided never to go back again due to the pricey menu. Very disappointing really to have to pay for mini cupcakes (with a particular emphasis on mini) almost JD2. This is Amman not London.