Chocolates and strawberry cake, 20 JDs
fresh and yummy
strawberry chocolate cake - 18 JD
croquant cake 18 JD
Review جناش by Lana
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would i go there again, yes i think ill get all my cakes and stuff from there. near my house easy access, place to park, amazing helpful staff. the place inside is big, as soon as i entered i walked to check the cake section, one of the workers came and asked if i need some help cause its my first time, and since i didn't know much about their cakes, help was needed. so he start explaining about their cakes chefs and chocolate, and he helped me pick one. after that he asked me if i got some time for a quick tour around, and of course i agreed, i tasted couple of things that i kept thinking about. the cake that i got is for 28 JOD, you can find some cakes for 18, 25 and i think the price is not expensive, cause the taste is really good, and the chocolate is not heavy at all. big selection of pastries, biscuits, cake pieces, eclairs, mille feuilles with different fillings, cup cakes, chocolate balls, muffins you name it. i did enjoy my tour and all the yummy stuff. i do recommend.

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شارع مكة المكرمة - بجانب بيل موندو كافيه
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