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Chandelier In side
Caesar Salad 8/10
Platter 7.5/10 (the cheese balls were great)
Chicken Pizza 6/10
Pepperoni Pizza
مطعم ومقهى 56
مطعم ومقهى 56
مطعم ومقهى 56
ميلك شيك شوكولا - مطعم ومقهى 56
مقهى ومطعم 56
مقهى ومطعم 56
Review مقهى ومطعم 56 by Reem
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I went there last night for Iftar with my company, I was in-charge of the event to I made the reservations. When I called to reserve, I made it clear that the number of people was 36 and I want one long table, they said ok. then I called the day before the iftar and confirmed my reservation again, and had them confirm that it was for 36 people and one long table. To my surprise when I got there, they had reserved 2 separate tables and for 32 people! This might not bother some people, so what if we sit at 2 different tables? it bothered me a lot because I had a seating chart that we needed to stick to! not to mention that I had four people without a seat when the Athan had called because of course the service is so bad that it took them a while to get my another table and chairs!! The food from the buffet was good, they had a good selection, and everything tasted well. The service was terrible, everything you ordered was extremely late, or they didnt even bring it at all (which was the case for me when I asked for a Lemonade that never came) and the over powering smoke from argeeleh everywhere (even though we were sitting outside) made the experience a horrible one for me. I do not recommend going there for Iftar, specially for large groups.

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