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About Jeeran

Jeeran is a local reviews site, a platform based in Jordan covering several cities in the emerging world with focus on the Middle East. With tens of thousands of reviews and hundreds of thousands of local listings, Jeeran helps people better interact with places in their cities. It is a platform that is local, mobile, and social.

What can we offer you?

Direct access to costumers, people come to Jeeran are going to make a purchasing decision, they have already made up their mind about the purchasing decision, they just want to know which business to do it with. Jeeran also offers you a communication channel, direct access to users and reviewers, to interact and engage with that community in the market you choose.

How do people use Jeeran?
Search for local businesses
Find a place and get information
Interact with other people and businesses
Read People’s reviews and write their own recommendations
Who has advertised with us?
Some of our clients:
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