Omar Koudsi

Omarعدد النصائح: 174
  • عضو منذ: 17 يونيو 2010
  • المكان المفضل: البحر الميت
  • مدينة الإقامة: عمان
  • عني: Love being productive and adding value to the world.
نشاطات Omar:
  • وجد نصيحة Deemah Dee على أوجيز مفيدة

    OJ's has become a staple of the food that I order when I am very busy and don't have time to cook or make a healthy meal for myself. The food is great, lots of good choices, feels fresh and… إقرأ المزيد

    قبل شهر واحد في عمان.
  • وجد نصيحة Deemah Dee على مجتمع شمس مفيدة

    I had my first experience at Shams Community center the other day and am very impressed by the content, the friendliness of the space and how well organized and held everything is. The entry fee is… إقرأ المزيد

    قبل شهر واحد في عمان.
  • كتب نصيحة على ارتيزانا

    I went to see a local artist art exhibition and it was the first time i went to the place. The gallery is downstairs and it is a medium sized art gallery with a decent space. I wish the lighting in… إقرأ المزيد

    قبل 8 شهور في عمان.  
  • كتب نصيحة على ديستركت

    I went out there for drinks with friends at the place, seems to be the in place at the moment. They have a huge rooftop with varying styles of places to sit. Didn't get a chance to try out… إقرأ المزيد

    قبل 8 شهور في عمان.  
  • وجد نصيحة Aseel Abu AlJadayel على ستاربكس مفيدة

    This branch is very special for me.. I like the location and the design.... It is sometimes crowded. Drinks are delicious as usual and you will find friendly staff .

    قبل 8 شهور في عمان.
  • وجد نصيحة Kamal Hmood على مطعم الحمصاني مفيدة

    المكان نضيف وطعم الأكل كتير زاكي والفتة، موجود بآخر طلوع نيفين. الفلافل كمان طعمها زاكي كتير وأهم اشي الاسعار مش غالية

    قبل 8 شهور في عمان.
  • كتب نصيحة على تيبسي كاو

    I checked out this place briefly with a friend. It is a modern gastro-pub with a nice cozy feel. Super friendly staff. Didn't have a chance to try out the food yet but from the plates I have… إقرأ المزيد

    تيبسي كاو
    قبل 8 شهور في عمان.  
  • كتب نصيحة على وينيز كوفي

    I did a quick visit to this Wayne's coffee during Jeeran's community outing. I tried out their Nicaraguan coffee and it was such a delight: full of flavor yet it wasn't heavy tasting. … إقرأ المزيد

    وينيز كوفي
    قبل 8 شهور في عمان.  
  • كتب نصيحة على ديميتريز كوفي

    Finally Jordan has its boutique coffee place that can compete on a global level. The most impressive thing about the place to me is the staff, they love the coffee and working there, they grab every… إقرأ المزيد

    ديميتريز كوفي
    قبل 9 شهور في عمان.  
  • كتب نصيحة على بير جاردن

    Good food and a nice outdoor terrace with a view. I think this place open up only during the summer. The crowd is nice, lots of expats, the service is nice, but there just is no major thing going… إقرأ المزيد

    بير جاردن
    قبل 9 شهور في عمان.  
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