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  • We had iftar there with work colleges. The food and service were really good. The hummous, mtabel and the appetizers were great and had their own flavors. Another really good thing they had is the… Read more

    Diwan Al Sultan Ibrahim Restaurant
    a month ago in Amman.  
  • Found Osama Al-Fahoum's review on Nowwara restaurant useful

    The food overall was great, I ordered chicken with cream it was so delicious, they have an amazing view and the service was attentive.

    a month ago in Jarash.
  • Found Abdallah Maharmeh's review on Nowwara restaurant useful

    المطعم موقعو منيح و سهل توصلو رحت عندهم علفطور, البوفيه كان متنوع من سلطات كثيرة و متنوعة و أصناف مختلفة من الأكل و الحلويات عندو مرتبة. الخدمة عندهم ممتازة و المطعم نظيف, أكثر أشي عجبني الفيو على… Read more

    a month ago in Jarash.
  • Found Mohanad Atiyat's review on Nowwara restaurant useful

    انا زرت مطعم نوارة في منطقة جرش على بوفيه الفطور وبصراحة كانت تجربة كتير حلوة, الترس كان مطل على جبال جرش والقعدة رايقة وطاقم الخدمة كتير لطيفين. كان البوفيه بينقسم لاكتر من قسم : ايطالي , صيني ,… Read more

    a month ago in Jarash.
  • Found Ahmad Khayyat's review on Nowwara restaurant useful

    رحنا على المطعم كان الاستقبال حلو , المكان هادي و نضيف من ناحية القعدة . بس في مشكلة انه الاغنية بعيدوها 10 مرات عشان يتأكدو انك حفظتها . الاكل كان بوفيه : السلطات انواعها كتيرة , و الحلو بالموضوع… Read more

    a month ago in Jarash.
  • Found Mohammad AlZoubi's review on Nowwara restaurant useful
    Mohammad AlZoubi2

    بصراحة قعدة ولا احلا وتعامل الموظفين جدا جدا راقي واكلهم ما شاء الله شو زاكي... بنصح الكل يجربه وعنده البوفيه 25 دينار عالشخص احلا قعدة عائلية ومنظر خلاب عالطبيعة وقريب من النهر

    a month ago in Jarash.
  • Wrote a review on Nowwara restaurant

    We went to this place during our company's ramadan iftar. It is not too far from Amman, around 25 minutes from sweileh. The best thing about this place is the view overlooking the zarqa stream… Read more

    Nowwara restaurant
    a month ago in Jarash.  
  • Found Deemah Dee's review on Oj's useful

    OJ's has become a staple of the food that I order when I am very busy and don't have time to cook or make a healthy meal for myself. The food is great, lots of good choices, feels fresh and… Read more

    4 months ago in Amman.
  • Found Deemah Dee's review on Shams Community useful

    I had my first experience at Shams Community center the other day and am very impressed by the content, the friendliness of the space and how well organized and held everything is. The entry fee is… Read more

    4 months ago in Amman.
  • Wrote a review on Artisana

    I went to see a local artist art exhibition and it was the first time i went to the place. The gallery is downstairs and it is a medium sized art gallery with a decent space. I wish the lighting in… Read more

    10 months ago in Amman.