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  • Found Mohammad Shurman's review on Jeeran useful

    موقع جيران هو موقع يتيح لجميع مستخدميه بالوصول الى جميع المعلومات المتعلقه بجميع الاماكن القريبه والبعيده سواء داخل الاردن وخارج الاردن ويتيح لهم ايضا مشاركة تجربتهم الخاصه بهذه الاماكن بطريقه سلسه… Read more

    over 2 years ago in Amman.
  • Found ديانا سرحان's review on G.X Gym useful

    i have always had trouble finding the perfect gym for me, so i decided to give GX a try and i took the one month memebership. i must say that the main reason for me to join this is because it is near… Read more

    over 3 years ago in Amman.
  • Khaled Hakim hearted this place

    over 3 years ago  
    Tahboub Kitchen
  • Wrote a review on K & K

    Great food. When your mother or grandmother no longer make fawaregh and karshat, this is the place to order from. It's owned by a woman that is passionate about food and cares about her… Read more

    K & K
    over 3 years ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Bass Burger

    Tried this place today. Great burger... I enjoyed it. I ordered the classic burger and appreciate that they provided just that: a classic tasty burger with meaty flavor that is not overshadowed by… Read more

    Bass Burger
    over 4 years ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a comment on Khaled Hakim review on Vetzone Pet Health Center
    After going to vetzone, I did not find the Dr I had spoken to, he was out of office. I had to deal with his co-workers / employees. They had terrible attitude problems and interpersonal skills. They came across as unwelcoming and very aggressive and…
    over 5 years ago in Amman Write a reply
  • Wrote a review on Vetzone Pet Health Center

    I called the center a few minutes ago after finding their number here on Jeeran. I have two cats and wanted to learn more about claw-removing options. The Vet DR. was very helpful and provided me… Read more

    Vetzone Pet Health Center
    over 5 years ago in Amman.  
  • awaiting approval
    Wrote a review on Feel

    I passed by the restaurant many time and never considered stopping to try it. I had thought that trying this restaurant out was not something I was interested in. Nothing about the look of the… Read more

    over 5 years ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken

    I enjoyed the chicken at Lee's. The price was reasonable, just like any other fast food restaurant where you pay between 5 - 8 JD to get full. I did not like the Mashed potatoes. When compared… Read more

    Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken
    over 5 years ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Azkadenya Restaurant

    I enjoyed the ambiance and the interior decor of the place. I however found the portions (food) very tiny. You'd expect larger portions for the prices charged for most of the items on the menu.… Read more

    Azkadenya Restaurant
    over 5 years ago in Amman.