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  • Wrote a review on Design Zone Center

    Recently I have taken one training Course "Revit Architecture" in this center and actually they are professionals and the center is an Auto-desk Authorized Training Center and the… Read more

    Design Zone Center
    6 months ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a comment on Firas Haji review on VR Zone Jo
    VR Zone is a different concept. The most remarkable sign is that they have Omni Treadmill where the player can use it, wear HTC-VIVE Googles, then walk, run and move in all directions while being interactive with his selected game. It is marvelous.…
    8 months ago in Amman Write a reply
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      VR Zone Jo..The best & Largest VR gaming Center in Amman

      VR Zone Jo..The best & Largest VR gaming Center in Amman

    8 months ago in Amman
  • Wrote a review on VR Zone Jo

    The place is extremely fantastic. I have been there 3 times and honestly surprised by the decoration of the facility, the size, the friendly atmosphere and smiling staff. Nevertheless, their prices… Read more

    VR Zone Jo
    8 months ago in Amman.