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  • Wrote a review on Saray Restaurant

    The restaurant opened new before 2 days , first I want to tell about the service its more than perfect , the atmosphere was so comfortable , the food was so… Read more

    Saray Restaurant
    4 days ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Shawarma Jazz

    الْيَوْمَ بدّي احكي تجربتي مع جاز انا اكتر من مره جربته هل مره قرارت اجرب شاورما اللحمة عاد انا نادر ما اجرب شااورما اللحمة بس الصراحة شاورما جاز عندهم شاورما اللحمة غير جدا زاكية في بكون مع… Read more

    Shawarma Jazz
    a month ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Grill Mark

    I tried this place twice, and every time I tried it I love it more , I tried chicken burger it was delicious and the fries just perfect the price… Read more

    Grill Mark
    a month ago in Amman.  
  • Found Raymaa Muh's review on Ropes Restaurant & Cafe useful

    Tried this cafe with my friends for the very first time, it was a very good experience at all, they have enough space and special interior design. The service was good at all , and great atmosphere… Read more

    3 months ago in Amman.
  • Wrote a review on Rokon Al Jeeran

    I tried this cafe for the second time And the service like always was perfect and professional I just love this place… Read more

    Rokon Al Jeeran
    3 months ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a comment on Raymaa Muh review on Shawarma Jazz
    The best Shawerma Ever ❤️
    3 months ago in Amman Write a reply
  • Found Hadeel Abdul Hadi's review on Smokey Restaurant useful

    I didn’t try this place before but I called them and the one who answers the calls is extremely nice and polite and I would absolutely try this place

    3 months ago in Amman.
  • Wrote a review on Galleria Mall

    حبه احكيلكم عن هده المول , الشي الحلو بي هده المول انو ها في ازعاج زي الباقي , المول عنده امكان مختلفه من ملابس مطاعم بس عندي ملاحظة بل مطاعم انو ما في كتير مطاعم يعني لو يزيد عدد المطاعم بيكون اشي… Read more

    Galleria Mall
    4 months ago in Amman.  
  • Found Mohanad Atiyat's review on Shawerma W Noss useful

    المكان جديد وبصراحة اكلو كتير زاكي ,الحلو عندو انو الشاورما ما عليها بهارات كتير. شاورما اللحمة عندو كمان رائعة وما فيها دهن.

    4 months ago in Amman.
  • Found Enas Mahairie's review on Shawerma W Noss useful

    delicious Lebanese shwerma, clean place, nice staff and good prices

    4 months ago in Amman.