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  • Found Hadeel Abdul Hadi's review on Pizza Pomodoro useful

    I tried this place today and I absolutely love it the place is super cozy the lights are low the candles are all over the place the music is Italian and the interior is old and cute when it comes to… Read more

    3 hours ago in Amman.
  • Found Alia Shooly's review on Dimitri's Coffee useful

    Best coffee house ever loved it ❤️

    1 day ago in Amman.
  • Found suhaida al abed's review on Burgerizz useful

    one of the best burgers in the machine is super extra delicious its contains mozzarella sticks , bacon , the beef is very tasty , the star is delicious too ,over all its a mixed cheese burger with a… Read more

    1 day ago in Amman.
  • Found Hadeel Abdul Hadi's review on Mingle by Cafe Social useful

    I tried this place recently and I absolutely love it it’s so young and fresh the interior is amazing I fell in love with their lightings and the colors are so vivid when it comes to food it’s super… Read more

    3 days ago in Amman.
  • Found Rima Al-Alamy's review on Glacio useful

    First I would want to say the address is wrongly stated. It’s in Taj Mall. The place serve Belgium ice cream. I tried the Kaddish, chocolate and coffee so far. Best ice cream served in Amman… Read more

    5 days ago in Amman.
  • Found Hadeel Abdul Hadi's review on FireFly Burger useful

    I am a fan of firefly since the opening and I’m happy they added some new sandwiches to the menu the new chicken sandwich is absolutely delicious it’s so juicy full of sauce and cheese which I love… Read more

    6 days ago in Amman.
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    we'll go together!
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  • Wrote a review on Charles & Keith

    Beautiful collections, very high quality. The staff working there is very helpful. The shop is well… Read more

    Charles & Keith
    6 days ago in Amman.  
  • Found Areej AlDajani's review on Shi Shawerma useful

    مبارح كانت اول مرة بجرب المطعم، طلبنا ساندويش شاورما دجاج، الخدمة سريعة جدا، ومش طبيعي قديش زاكية وبتشهي، ما قعدت في المطعم فما بعرف كيف الجو بس من برا شكله قعدته حلوة ومرتبة، والموظفين لطيفين كمان.

    9 days ago in Amman.
  • Found Khalid Hassan's review on Al Ahliah Co. for Reem Soring Mattress useful

    اشتريت فرشات من الشركة من خلال معرضها في أم السماق. الحق يقال تعاملها كان غاية في الرقي والاحتراف. وكذلك عند التسليم غاية الاحترام للموعيد والعميل. شكرا للشركة وموظفيها.

    9 days ago in Amman.