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  • Wrote a review on Wazzup Dog

    Fantastic somewhat cheap food for when you're on a budget, and looking for something else besides shawerma. At 2JD per Hot Dog (with a huge number of toppings), it's a fantastic deal. One… Read more

    Wazzup Dog
    5 days ago in Amman.  
  • Added a photo on Najla Kitchen
      Restaurant decor.

      Restaurant decor.

    5 days ago in Amman
  • Added a photo on Najla Kitchen
      Sample dishes.

      Sample dishes.

    5 days ago in Amman
  • Wrote a review on Najla Kitchen

    When you're craving home cooked food, this is definitely the place to come. The menu is fixed, meaning each day offers a selection of home cooked dishes; which I find a wonderful idea if… Read more

    Najla Kitchen
    5 days ago in Amman.  
  • German Jordanian University
  • Wrote a review on Cafe Social

    For a place in the bustling Mecca street, it's not that overcrowded. There's not much to say as it doesn't really stand out compared to other cafes in the city. Quite loved how… Read more

    Cafe Social
    7 days ago in Amman.  
  • Answered a question اضافة محلي

    يوجد خيار "أضف مكان" على الصفحة الرئيسية اسفل ترحيبك للموقع. اسفل "أهلا تالا" مثلا Read more

    10 days ago in Amman Add an Answer
  • Craving for burgers, so I wanted to check out a new place that has been popping up on my Facebook. The meal size and price seemed very reasonable, so why not try it? Grabbed a group of friends and… Read more

    Lumberjack House of Sliders & Sloppyjoes
    10 days ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Dr. Taroub Khoury

    Dr. Taroub is just and gives you the time you need. The only major problem is that appointments are just a formality here. You call for an appointment and don't get it for an hour after it. And… Read more

    Dr. Taroub Khoury
    14 days ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Chinese Village Restaurant

    What's nice about eating at a Chinese restaurant is the experience of sharing food with people. The Chinese Village offers the 'lazy Suzan' rotating glass wheel at each table, which… Read more

    Chinese Village Restaurant
    15 days ago in Amman.