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  • Wrote a review on Dirani Linen & Textile

    This franchise has everything that you need. Whatever you need in relation to bedrooms, bathroom towels and many more, you will for sure find it there. They have a very big variety of colors, designs… Read more

    Dirani Linen & Textile
    13 days ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Class Dry Clean

    Actions speak louder than words! If you a clean, neat, professional dry cleaning, Class is the place to go. They make sure to be on top of their game with both the service they provide and their… Read more

    Class Dry Clean
    13 days ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Cafeteria Al Quds

    As Amman is the capital of Jordan, Falafel Al-Quds is the capital of falafel in the MENA! This, simple, yet amazing texture they use in their hot soft sandwiches would definitely make you have… Read more

    Cafeteria Al Quds
    14 days ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on The Cake Shop

    Had a birthday occasion once for a two year old kid and The Cake shop happened to be the only available sweet serving shop opened that day. I won't say we were very lucky that is was the only… Read more

    The Cake Shop
    15 days ago in Irbid.  
  • Wrote a review on Orchid Flowers

    A VIP customer to this magnificent flower shop. They always exceed in their performance and great taste. I first went there almost two years ago and have become a regular customer there because they… Read more

    Orchid Flowers
    17 days ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Fame

    No! You won't be able to convince me of another restaurant for Sushi, they have other menus as well! This place just took me to a different galaxy filled with amazing tastes and delicious… Read more

    17 days ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on

    17 days ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Station Gaming Center

    I won't consider this place as a place to go to have some fun!! I consider this place as a second home for me. Ever since this place opened, I have become attached to it for every positive… Read more

    Station Gaming Center
    19 days ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Mlabbas

    During one of my visits to Amman, when I was living abroad, I was told about this place. The day I entered this place, was the day I built a long lasting relationship with both the place and… Read more

    19 days ago in Amman.  
  • Wrote a review on Bandak Art

    A place where you can learn how to draw, either by water paint or Coal Pencil. You can be sure that the professional, Syrian professor who would teach you will work hard on building up the talent in… Read more

    Bandak Art
    27 days ago in Amman.