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  • Found Dana's review on Abdali mall useful

    Abdali mall is my favorite mall in Amman! The design of the mall is perfect. Yes it's huge, but you only need to visit once to figure everything out. It's perfect for a shopping spree but… Read more

    16 hours ago in Amman.
  • Found Dana's review on Jordan Ahli Bank useful

    Probably one of the worst branches for any bank I've ever been to. No one is willing to help or answer your questions. I mean, I'm already in the bank and asking an employee to help me with… Read more

    16 hours ago in Amman.
  • Found Dana's review on Crepeaholic useful

    Where do I start? Everything I've tried is extremely delicious! I tried the Oreo waffle, cinnamon crepe and my absolute favorite was the Lotus cheesecake waffle. The place is very clean, the… Read more

    16 hours ago in Amman.
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    كل التوفيق☺️
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  • Wrote a review on Shai W Na3na3

    كافيه جميل وقعداته حلوة داخلية وخارجية، قائمة الطعام منوعة ، جربت فطوره وكان لذيذ من البيض والمناقيش والمعجنات، وطريقة التقديم جيدة جداًونظيف ممكن يعملوا المناقيش بطحين اسمر وكمان الخبز فيه ابيض وفيه… Read more

    Shai W Na3na3
    11 days ago in Amman.  
  • Found نادين بسام's review on Shai W Na3na3 useful

    موقعه على دوار عبدون بالزبط وما بتوه.. ما في مصفات سيارات ويمكن الواحد بضطر يصف بمواقف بالاجرة.. الموظفين لطيفين وكنت باجتماع عالاب توب وحكولنا اقعدو وين ما بدكم.. طلبنا عصير وسندويشات وكانت جيدة..

    11 days ago in Amman.
  • Wrote a review on The Coffee Lab

    New cafe serves hot drinks ,cold drinks, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. What I like in the menu that they satisfy all tastes if your are vegetarian, or healthy, or you prefer a meal with high… Read more

    The Coffee Lab
    17 days ago in Amman.  
  • Found hazim kaysi's review on Crepeaholic useful
    hazim kaysi1

    I ordered chocolate crepe topped with lotus, it was so delicious. The staff is very friendly! I highly recommend this place..

    18 days ago in Amman.
  • Found Yahya Al-khishaly's review on The Coffee Lab useful

    First visit was more than ok My new spot for a morning coffee with a good variety of food and quite study place in a heart of a busy area

    18 days ago in Amman.