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  • Found Dina Hassouneh's review on Kobbeh & Bastouni Café useful

    I went there yesterday for a casual Iftar with my cousins. They had improved the place in general. we tried Ramadan Offer, the food was average, salads were bad, the service was low; there are too… Read more

    a year ago in Amman.
  • Found Suha Khoury's review on Curves For Women useful

    Curves is a very nice place to be in. It only takes 30 minutes and you are done, also you get to meet lovely trainers . I love it a lot.

    a year ago in Amman.
  • Found Rania's review on Chaplins useful

    awesome! I went to the show where Basem Yousif supported the team... we laughed so hard. hope this place gets appreciated in this side of the world ☺

    a year ago in Amman.
  • Found Alaa Afifi's review on Dawar Farah useful

    امبارح فطرت انا واصحابى فى دوار فرح خلينا نفصص المكان اولا المكان تحفة وتقسمته حلوة جدا سواء شكل المكان وتصميمه تانى حاجة احنا كنا حاجزين طربيزة وروحنا لقينا الحجز بتاعنا موجود وكلمونا قبلها ياكدوا… Read more

    a year ago in Cairo.
  • Wrote a comment on R Sadeq review on Noodasia
    كم سعر البوفيه للشخص ؟
    a year ago in Amman Write a reply
  • Found Romouz Sadeq's review on Noodasia useful

    البوفيه الرمضاني الوحيد إلي بستاهل تروحو في عمان وتطلع مبسوط...من الأكل الصيني للتايلندي والسوشي وحتى الخيارات النباتيه كل شي موجود وكل شي معمول كأنك طلبته من المينو لطاولتك وأول ما تخلص أي من… Read more

    a year ago in Amman.
  • Wrote a comment on Anas Jarrar review on The First Smoker Supplies
    ممكن تزودنا برقمهم الجديد؟
    a year ago in Amman Write a reply
  • Found Julie Solenthaler's review on Oishi useful

    Excellent choice of menu both in Chinese and Japanese sushi. The whole experience to dine and taste the great food is an enjoyment. Highly recommended

    a year ago in Amman.
  • Wrote a comment on Suleiman Shakkah review on Golden Meal
    احكيلنا اكتر شو اكلت ؟
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  • Found Suleiman Shakkah's review on Golden Meal useful

    اكلهم زاكي ومشبع ومو غالي وعندهم كثير موظفين وفيه صالة عائلات وصاله للزباين ومصلى :) بس المشكله الازمه كثير كبيره الله يبارك

    a year ago in Amman.