Al Rayan Dairy Factory

Al Rayan Dairy Factory Souf Road - Al Bawa'ana Neighborhood, Jarash Souf Refugee Camp
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Category Dairy Products
Region: Souf Refugee Camp
Address Souf Road - Al Bawa'ana Neighborhood
Phone 01775... see No.
Opening hours
Closed now
Open now
Sunday: From  08:00 AM  To  09:30 PM
Monday: From  08:00 AM  To  09:30 PM
Tuesday: From  08:00 AM  To  09:30 PM
Wednesday: From  08:00 AM  To  09:30 PM
Thursday: From  08:00 AM  To  09:30 PM
Friday: From  08:00 AM  To  09:30 PM
Saturday: From  08:00 AM  To  09:30 PM
  • Parking:
    1. Outdoor Parking
  • Payment Method:
    1. Cash

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