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    • 1.  جيرارد
      • (87 Reviews)
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      sari hweitat

      very good variety of tastes , but it a bit expensive also i always have problem parking my car when i go to abdoun branch

    • 2.  تريتس اند بينز
      Category: Waffle And Crepe
      Region: Abdoun
      Treats And Beans
      Ayah Bd

      The best waffles in town, specifically the milk chocolate with twirl and m&ms. Ive also tried the mini pancakes, they were delicious. Totally recommended.

    • 3.  بانكيك اند وافل هاوس
      Category: Waffle And Crepe
      Region: Abdoun
      Pancake and Waffle House
      • (36 Reviews)
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      • Place Features
      Sanad Qarrain

      Good administration for customer service

    • 4.  مستر كريب
      Category: Waffle And Crepe
      Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
      Mr. Krepe
      • (24 Reviews)
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      • Place Features
      Johnny Khoury

      Amazing crepes amazing service amazing variety

    • 5.  وافل هاوس
      Category: Waffle And Crepe
      Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
      Waffle House
      • (19 Reviews)
      • 37809... see No.
      • Place Features
      Mohammed Laimon

      Excellent service and very friendly and attentive team. Great food and coffee.

    • 6.  نوبل شوكولا كافيه
      Region: Khalda
      Noble Chocolate Cafe
      Sarah Al-dabbas

      اكتر شي بحبو عنده الشكولاته لانها جد رهيبه ومميزة وكتير مناح بالتعامل اسعارهم جدا مقبوله

    • 7.  جيرارد
      Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle

      Great ice cream "and things" place. My kids love it for the wide range of ice cream flavors and I love it for their healthy alternatives. They have a collection of diary, sugar and/fat free…

    • 8.  سينابون
      Salam Abu Fares

      The best place for delicious cinnamon rolls. There are different flavors like walnuts, cinnamon, chocolate, and lately Nutella which was really good! Highly recommended.

    • 9.  كريب هوليك
      Category: Waffle And Crepe
      Region: Um Al-Summaq

      مستحيل احب الوافل من مكان تاني غير Crepeaholic ... اشي خيالي <3

    • 10.  تريتس اند بينز
      Category: Waffle And Crepe
      Region: Khalda
      Treats and Beans
      Ghena Kalha

      I love their waffles, one of the best in Amman. Not a big fan of their crepes, but that's just personal preference. I've also tried their nachos and they're good. The place is clean…

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