Sushi places in Amman

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  • 1.  ووكس اند كومباني
    Region: Abdoun
    Wox and Company
    • (111 Reviews )
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    Lana Abu Ghosh

    love the mix of flavours and amazing food

  • 2.  نوديجيا
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Abdoun
    • (74 Reviews )
    • 36999... see No.
    • Place Features
    Amal Akour

    I went to the sushi night on Sunday. The sushi is fresh and they have lot of varieties. The staff is friendly and decorations are nice. I didnt taste other food

  • 3.  يوشي
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Jabal Amman - Third Circle
    • (57 Reviews )
    • 40903... see No.
    • Place Features

    Yoshi is probably one of my favorite restaurants, not a fan of Asian food but the food there is great, the interior is beautiful and the customer service is excellent. A bit pricy and that's why…

  • 4.  الشهرة
    Category: International, Sushi
    Region: Fifth Circle
    • (36 Reviews )
    • 23263... see No.
    • Place Features
    Hadeel Abdul Hadi

    One of my favorite restaurants when it comes to steaks they’re seriously one of the best in town the food is super yummy the portions are just right and they also have so many options their place is…

  • 5.  سالاد هاوس
    Region: Abdoun
    Salad House
    • (40 Reviews )
    • 39399... see No.
    • Place Features
    Ghada Abu Jaber

    Yummy sushi with a large variety

  • 6.  سوشي ستوديو
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Abdoun
    Sushi Studio
    Aya Omar

    The service was extremely good the waiter was very friendly the food was very good and clean i love it

  • 7.  ليف سوشي - عيش سوشي
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Sweifieh
    Live Sushi
    Ramzi Qadan

    Really the best one in Jordan

  • 8.  ساكي سوشي
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Al Baraka Mall
    Sake Sushi
    • (4 Reviews )
    • 58500... see No.
    • Place Features
    Virtuous Panda

    The service is acceptable, so is the location. However, I have never had to pay so much for sushi in my life. 12 bucks for 3 pieces of sushi? Are you kidding? It wasn't even that good.

  • 9.  فيش فيس جو
    Category: International, Asian, Sushi
    Region: Abdoun
    Fishface Jo
    Dania Hankir

    You would think one of these wont be enough. OH MY, are they. The fresh is extremely fresh! The sauces are made in-house, you can get as much or as little wasabi, soy sauce, sauces, pickled ginger as…

  • 10.  سوشي
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Abdoun
    • (5 Reviews )
    • 20977... see No.
    • Place Features
    ruba tocee

    مو زاكي ابدا والسوشي ريحته غريبه وبدي استفرغ منه المطعم كله مابينبلع وبيتاخرو كتير انا انام علطاوله بس اروحلو بيكون احسن هلمطعم بيخلي الواحد يطلع مش شبعان وبده يستفرغ ومش مبسوط ومعصب وبده يعمل حادث…

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