Sushi places in Amman

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  • Abdali Boulevard
  • Abdoun
  • Al Baraka Mall
  • Dhahiyat Prince Rashid
  • Sushi
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  • 1.  ووكس اند كومباني
    Region: Abdoun
    Wox and Company
    • (113 Reviews )
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    • Place Features
    Bashar Al Mhaid

    Very good service.. i always eat at the mall branch and its fine

  • 2.  نوديجيا
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Abdoun
    • (75 Reviews )
    • 36999... see No.
    • Place Features
    Bashar Al Mhaid

    Best sushi buffet in amman

  • 3.  يوشي
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Jabal Amman - Third Circle
    • (55 Reviews )
    • 40903... see No.
    • Place Features

    Yoshi is probably one of my favorite restaurants, not a fan of Asian food but the food there is great, the interior is beautiful and the customer service is excellent. A bit pricy and that's why…

  • 4.  الشهرة
    Category: International, Sushi
    Region: Fifth Circle
    • (37 Reviews )
    • 23263... see No.
    • Place Features
    renee naoum

    Excellent food , excellent music ,excellent servise nice atmosphere

  • 5.  سالاد هاوس
    Region: Abdoun
    Salad House
    • (40 Reviews )
    • 39399... see No.
    • Place Features
    Ghada Abu Jaber

    Yummy sushi with a large variety

  • 6.  اويشي
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Mecca Mall
    • (12 Reviews )
    • 90999... see No.
    • Place Features

    tasty yummy food. it is pricey but the portions are big.

  • 7.  سيزلنج ووكس
    Category: International, Asian, Sushi
    Region: Mecca Mall
    Sizzling Wox
    Tamador Alqudah

    ;I Highly recommend this restaurant ;you should try it Fresh ingredients,rich and full taste,tastes as good as it looks. انبسطنا جدا بالأكل وأكيد رح نعيدها بنصح الكل يجربه فعلا مميز من جميع النواحي

  • 8.  سوشي ستوديو
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Abdoun
    Sushi Studio
    Aya Omar

    The service was extremely good the waiter was very friendly the food was very good and clean i love it

  • 9.  ليف سوشي - عيش سوشي
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Sweifieh
    Live Sushi
    Ramzi Qadan

    Really the best one in Jordan

  • 10.  ساكي سوشي
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Al Baraka Mall
    Sake Sushi
    • (4 Reviews )
    • 58500... see No.
    • Place Features
    Virtuous Panda

    The service is acceptable, so is the location. However, I have never had to pay so much for sushi in my life. 12 bucks for 3 pieces of sushi? Are you kidding? It wasn't even that good.

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