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  • 1.  المحيط للأسماك الطازجة
    Category: Seafood
    Region: Madina Munawara St
    Ocean Seafood
    • (169 Reviews)
    • 45883... see No.
    • Place Features
    Alaa Almsaied

    زاااكي كتييير ونضيف ...خاصة السلطة

  • 2.  سارة للمأكولات البحرية
    Category: Seafood
    Region: Down Town
    Sara Sea Food
    • (113 Reviews)
    • 15705... see No.
    • Place Features
    Chika Wawa

    Perfect everything, I hope it stays like this, I recommend it if u like sea food :)

  • 3.  مطعم ديوان السلطان ابراهيم
    Category: Seafood
    Region: Um Uthaina
    Diwan Al Sultan Ibrahim Restaurant
    • (24 Reviews)
    • 17383... see No.
    • Place Features
    Hassan Takrouri

    مكان لطيف والاكل ممتاز

  • 4.  المحيط للأسماك الطازجة
    Category: Seafood
    Region: Mkablein
    Ocean Seafood
    • (15 Reviews)
    • 00801... see No.
    • Place Features
    Ahmad Rimawi

    نظيف لكن الخدمة متوسطه الاكل ممتاز

  • 5.  اسماك المحار
    Category: Seafood
    Region: Gardens
    Al Mahar Fish
    • (20 Reviews)
    • 39238... see No.
    • Place Features
    Saif Sayegh

    مطعم رائع ومذاقه لايمل

  • 6.  مطعم السمك
    Category: Seafood
    Region: Madina Munawara St
    Blue Bay
    • (20 Reviews)
    • 16087... see No.
    • Place Features
    Hussein Shalan

    Very poor quality of food Under staffed in an obvious way Over priced I don't recommend it at all

  • 7.  سارة للمأكولات البحرية
    Category: Seafood
    Region: Jbaiha
    Sara Sea Food
    Ammar Qasrawi

    The atmosphere is not as the downtown branch yet the menu the same, the service is not fully controlled and the hygienic 80% If you ask me if I would come again to this place The answer …

  • 8.  ذا لاتوس اند ذا فش
    Category: Seafood, International
    Region: Abdoun
    The Lettuce And The Fish
    • (14 Reviews)
    • 33031... see No.
    • Place Features
    Saad A

    I'll keep it concise, The food is perfectly delicious. All flavors are just at the right amount, the food has just the right flavor. I never thought miso soup could be this good nor a grab…

  • 9.  المحيط للأسماك الطازجة
    Category: Seafood
    Region: Galleria Mall
    Ocean Fast Food
    Sara Mqannasa

    i absolutely love it, its very clean and the food is delicious and they're very fast, i am definitely going back there soon

  • 10.  برايتون فيش اند شيبس
    Category: Seafood
    Region: City Mall
    Brighton Fish and Chips
    Mohammad Abusamak

    Healthy and clean meals. Portions are adequate. Slow service but well cooked fish. Seafood soup is a plus. Recommend it.

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