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    • 1.  مطعم زوار
      Region: Marj Al-Hamam
      Zuwar Restaurant
      • (206 Reviews)
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      Rawand Hammad

      هاي رابع زيارة لي خلال 9اشهر لاحظت نزول في مستوى الطعام و النكهة اقل من المعتاد حتى عند طلب تعديل احدى الطلبات قام المدير للاسف بالرفض مما اضطرنا لتركه

    • 2.  جاسترو لاونج
      Category: Pubs and Lounges
      Region: Shmeisani
      O Six Gastro Lounge
      • (18 Reviews)
      • 40606... see No.
      • Place Features

      Love their outdoor view. Hate the fact that it's always full of kids under 21 when they clearly state that you should be 25+ to go there.

    • 3.  ميرفيز بوب
      Category: Pubs and Lounges
      Region: Um Uthaina
      Murphy's Pub
      • (22 Reviews)
      • 65008... see No.
      • Place Features
      Basil Khader

      Great place and nice outside backyard to enjoy summer, not very loud like other pubs which i like, but the staff sucks and make you feel uncomfortable all the time and they are rude as fu**

    • 4.  روفرز ريتورن
      Region: Sweifieh
      Rovers Return
      • (13 Reviews)
      • 14844... see No.
      • Place Features
      Mohammed Al-Naif

      Worst ever! No standards at all

    • 5.  بريغو
      Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
      • (13 Reviews)
      • 33838... see No.
      • Place Features
      Mohanad Atiyat

      Good place for the weekends, Specially in the winter nights they have a good cocktails. I love the decoration of this place

    • 6.  دنيا روف توب
      Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
      Dunia Rooftop

      Went there for a friend's birthday and we decided to go there because of all the amazing stuff we heard about it. It wasn't very crowded and I like that but it wasn't as…

    • 7.  سالوتي
      Region: Jabal Amman - Second Circle
      • (17 Reviews)
      • 08008... see No.
      • Place Features
      Lyana El Banna

      When I called on Wednesday to make a reservation no one told me that there's cover charge or anything like that but I was surprised that they took 10 JDs from each guest and it covered…

    • 8.  ليفينغ روم لوفت
      Category: Pubs and Lounges
      Region: Jabal Amman - Third Circle
      Living Room Loft
      • (13 Reviews)
      • 55998... see No.
      • Place Features

      before talking about the food (as an architect ) I have to say the new renovation is so cheap, usually I don't like to go to places where I feel the restaurant is not putting a effort in making…

    • 9.  روفرز ريتورن
      Category: Pubs and Lounges
      Region: The Samarah Mall
      Rovers Return
      Osama Al-Fahoum

      It’s a unique little place with friendly staff and amazing food.

    • 10.  بيلاريفا
      Category: Pubs and Lounges
      Region: Dabouq
      Mais Qumsieh

      Nice place in Fuhies, good food, good service and nice indoor setting. The place is relatively cheap. Their pizza is exceptionally good.

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