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    • 1.  روفرز ريتورن
      Region: Sweifieh
      Rovers Return
      • (13 Reviews)
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      Mohammed Al-Naif

      Worst ever! No standards at all

    • 2.  بريغو
      Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
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      Mohanad Atiyat

      Good place for the weekends, Specially in the winter nights they have a good cocktails. I love the decoration of this place

    • 3.  ديبلاينرز ايريش بوب
      Category: Private Events
      Region: Sweifieh
      Dubliners Irish Pub
      • (13 Reviews)
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      Abu Iskandar Saba

      Very delicious food, nice atmosphere, quick service. Reasonable prices, available parking. I recommend

    • 4.  سالوتي
      Region: Jabal Amman - Second Circle
      • (17 Reviews)
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      Lyana El Banna

      When I called on Wednesday to make a reservation no one told me that there's cover charge or anything like that but I was surprised that they took 10 JDs from each guest and it covered…

    • 5.  ليالي شهرزاد
      Region: Queen Rania Street - University St
      Lyali Shahrazad
      • (7 Reviews)
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      Suleiman Shakkah

      غير شكل كنت انبسط دايما لما ارووح العمال كويسين تعاملهم رائع وصاحب المحل زلمه ابن اصوول كان صاحبي يشتغل فيه وياما مدحه وضعه بالكلاسيكو ناااار

    • 6. 


      اتش تو او
      Region: Shmeisani
      Fadi Rayan

      Really cheap place and lots of cheap ppl and the DJ is bad

    • 7.  نادي أون فايف
      Region: Fifth Circle
      Club on Five
      • (1 Reviews)
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      Majid Mukheimer

      It is by far the best gym in Amman! The selection of cardio and weight lefting equipment are simply perfect, it's all from the latests lines from Life Fitness. Not to forget the great Indoor…

    • 8.  فلو
      Region: Abdoun
      • (6 Reviews)
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      Mohammad Al-Malki

      the worst place i have ever been to. we reserved for 8 people, 6 of us arrived on time, the other two arrived about an hour later, they didnt let them in claiming that the place is full. we waited…

    • 9.  كالي
      Category: Private Events
      Region: Rabieh