Italian places in Amman

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  • 1.  روميرو
    Category: Italian
    Region: Jabal Amman - Third Circle
    • (62 Reviews)
    • 44227... see No.
    • Place Features
    Adnanoo Zaza

    ابقتلبلللل دلل. دلز.

  • 2.  أوليفا
    Category: Italian
    Region: Jabal Al-Weibdeh
    Sara Mqannasa

    This must be one of the most overrated places in Amman.. so many great reviews and I got one big disappointment, not only were they rude, they gave me the wrong order :/

  • 3.  كازاريتشو
    Category: Italian
    Region: Macca St
    • (54 Reviews)
    • 4336... see No.
    • Place Features
    Hamed Suboh

    Amazing food and atmosphere

  • 4.  دا عصمت الايطالي
    Category: Italian
    Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
    Da Esmat Italian Kitchen
    Sajeda Albanna

    Authentic Italian food and good service. loved the place. The only down side is it being small.

  • 5.  بيتزا ريميني
    Category: Italian, Pizza
    Region: Tla' Al-Ali
    Rimini Pizza
    • (34 Reviews)
    • 86324... see No.
    • Place Features
    Hamzah Rashdan

    الذ بيتزا دقتها بحياتي بيتزا التونة

  • 6.  مطعم القمر الأحمر
    Category: Italian
    Region: Jabal Amman - Second Circle
    Luna Rossa - Italian Restaurant
    • (33 Reviews)
    • 53447... see No.
    • Place Features
    Baraa Abu Qdairi

    I was born in Italy, and this is the unique place i find in Jordan give a really italian taste. The Chef have an experience of 30 years in Italy (proved by some frineds know he in Florence) price…

  • 7.  لا كوتشينا
    Category: Italian
    Region: Abdoun
    La Cucina
    • (19 Reviews)
    • 33344... see No.
    • Place Features

    باختصار المطعم طيب كتييير وحلو كتيييير وهو اغلى مطعم بالاردن حسب تصنيفات مطاعم الاردن

  • 8.  لي جيميلي
    Category: Italian
    Region: Dabouq
    Le Gemelle
    • (20 Reviews)
    • 11688... see No.
    • Place Features
    Amal Akour

    we went there to have lunch after long week at work and it was the best thing happened, everything was perfect from stuffed mushroom to fettuccine to 4 stagiono pizza and even fresh juice and the…

  • 9.  سبارو
    Category: Italian
    Region: Mecca Mall
    • (19 Reviews)
    • 55503... see No.
    • Place Features
    Maram Abbasi

    الخدمة ممتازة .. بس الاكل بارد ومو زاكي ابدا

  • 10.  مطعم يامو
    Category: Italian
    Region: Macca St
    Yammo Restaurant
    • (11 Reviews)
    • 9212 ... see No.
    • Place Features
    ghaleb al-omar

    تجربة جميلة و هادئة الأسعار متوسطة و مقبولة جربنا بيتزا الفصول الاربعة كانت رقيقة وغير غنية و سلطة يونانية هي اللي بتشهي عجبتني كثير كثير الكوكتيل مو زاكي و غالي و كوكتيل القطع كله تفاح بس اجمالا…

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