Asian places in Amman

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  • 1.  ووكس اند كومباني
    Region: Abdoun
    Wox and Company
    • (109 Reviews)
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    Rania Al-Atrash

    ممتاز و سعره منيح ..

  • 2.  نوديجيا
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Abdoun
    • (73 Reviews)
    • 36999... see No.
    • Place Features
    Sirine Al-Shami

    great atmosphere very asian delicious food i just love it

  • 3.  يوشي
    Category: Asian, Sushi
    Region: Jabal Amman - Third Circle
    • (57 Reviews)
    • 40903... see No.
    • Place Features

    Yoshi is probably one of my favorite restaurants, not a fan of Asian food but the food there is great, the interior is beautiful and the customer service is excellent. A bit pricy and that's why…

  • 4.  رين تشاي
    Category: Asian
    Region: Jabal Amman - Third Circle
    Ren Chai
    • (47 Reviews)
    • 25777... see No.
    • Place Features
    Ghena Kalha

    One of my favourite Chinese restaurants in Amman, I visit it regularly with my family. The food is amazing, their menu is diverse and the portions are just right. They have the friendliest staff with…

  • 5.  المطعم الصيني أبو خليل
    Category: Asian
    Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
    Chinese Restaurant Abu Khalil
    • (49 Reviews)
    • 38968... see No.
    • Place Features
    omar arabyat

    المحل كتير قديم ، متذكر من لما كنت اروح عليه و انا صغير ، من اول ما تدخل بستقبلوك الشغيلة و اذا كان ابنو لابو خليل موجود كمان بستقبلك ، ابو خليل اجا من الصين و فتح المحل لانو حب الاردن و سكن بجبل…

  • 6.  مطبخي
    Region: Dabouq
    Hisham Maayah

    Healthy and clean place

  • 7.  مطبخ تينا
    Category: Asian
    Region: Khalda
    Tina's Kitchen
    • (18 Reviews)
    • 41388... see No.
    • Place Features
    Waleed Nueirat

    Somewhat pricey when considering the quality of the food served. You can get the same good quality at a fast food Chinease restaurant at the mall.

  • 8.  مطعم شنغهاي
    Category: Asian
    Region: Jabal Amman - First Circle
    Shanghai Restaurant
    • (15 Reviews)
    • 19945... see No.
    • Place Features
    Issa Dababneh

    Very bad experience. Place used to be decent. Horrible delivery service. Way to much MSG left my stomach aching and my throat tingling. Never again.

  • 9.  الحدائق الكورية
    Category: Asian
    Region: Sweifieh
    Korean Gardens
    • (14 Reviews)
    • 20071... see No.
    • Place Features
    Kim Hyung

  • 10.  مطعم بكين
    Category: Asian
    Region: Shmeisani
    Peking Restaurant
    • (13 Reviews)
    • 60250... see No.
    • Place Features

    try the duck at Peking its amazing! i really love this place one of my favs

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