Amman Ask Jeeran Help?

Does anyone else here feel men's fashion is becoming too feminine?

From: MaRina Abaza |Before: over 6 years ago Within: Fashion

Yesterday I went to City mall searching for some shirts to my husband, I saw some weird men trends! pink shoes!, hats with feathers on the top of them, and the most recent fashion trends for men are the skinny jeans and shorts. We see men wearing skin-tight jeans, paired them with pointed shoes or cowboy boots!! is it just me or men fashion has gone so far?

From: Sabri Hakim |  over 6 years ago

lol, i'm not big on fashion, but I can see where you are coming from

From: MaRina Abaza |  over 6 years ago

Lol sabri, seriously its like a freak show out there

From: Fox Jordan |  over 5 years ago

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From: Ghufran Al-Qadi |  over 5 years ago

yeah unfortunately
and they have accesories on there T-shirts and cloths made confused