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A new car or a second hand car?

From: Tala Mami |Before: over 6 years ago Within: Motors

I'm thinking of buying a new car... Please share your experience with me...A new car or a used car for the same price?

From: Nibal Jarrar |  over 6 years ago

Hello Tala, well it depends on your budget!! and how much money you are planning to pay for maintenance annually.

in my opinion i think buying a second hand Mercedes or BMW is the best choice.

From: رئيف صالح |  over 6 years ago

It depends on some factors
Like , are you planning to change the car any time soon
In less than 5 years?
If yes I don't think buying a brand new car is a good idea because you will lose more money, of course it depends also on the brand but even so if you sell your car in the first 3 years after buying it new you will lose much

If you know how to find a really good used car then go for it, my best advice is to try and find a car that was bought and maintained in the agency with good mileage or even just a car with low mileage.
I bought my car in 2007 and it was a 2007 Tiida with 20,000 km, I saved more than 3000 JDs
For example in the past few weeks I saw someone selling his fully loaded 2011 Kia optima that done only 5000 km for 22,000 although its price is about 27k at the agency, and I don't think he will be successful in selling it for 22k.

From: MaRina Abaza |  over 6 years ago

It depends your daily/monthly drive, if your monthly drive is less than 1000 km, prefered a used one. You can find couple of years old well maintained cars with reasonable price, as the first two years of a new car will lose a big amount.

From: Haya K |  over 6 years ago

i am currently looking for a car as well and after seeing the prices of brand new cars. i decided to buy a good second hand car.

i mean if a new kia is now something like 18k!
so ill be looking for a 2nd hand japanese car which is more durable and better to maintain.

Good luck with your car hunt

From: Jawad Shhaltough |  over 6 years ago

buying abrand new car will definitely cut the costs of the maintainance that you HAVE to do the first you buy a second hand car... depends on the spare parts prices it might reach the 500 JD for changing oils and breaks.. etc
when u buy a new car u will forget about all that for at least 2 years by getting ur car to its agnet.. yet u have the price to consider for the brand new car and the used ones and if ur palnning to keep that car for more tahn 4 years at least :D
good luck